Monday, May 9, 2011

Starbucks, it's not you, it's me

It's funny that one of my Anon commenters recently PISSED me off with the the comment about living outside of my means.  While I want people to comment on my blog, I'd rather people who do not know me lay off leaving insulting comments behind the safety of anonymity.  Either way, the comment came at the best time.  In living within our means and making more of them, the husband and I have implemented some money saving ideas.  Everyone would like to have a little more money in their bank account, and every time I swipe my debit card, I cringe a little.  I  thought it might be fun to blog our ideas as we go and watch our savings build.

We're taking a few tips from this article on Dumb Little Man.  We don't believe in completely depriving ourselves of fun, so we're implementing some of these easy adjustments to our daily spending.  Don't worry, I'm not going Extreme Couponing crazy on this (although, if someone could give me a crash course that doesn't look more exhausting than my 8 hour work day, I'm game).

First up:  Making my own coffee

You may remember the post when I was de-scaling my Keurig and discovering cheddar cheese popcorn?

After that project, the Keurig was never the same.  I couldn't get the vinegar taste out of the coffee, and I tried EVERYTHING Google suggested.  Over the course of the last month and a half, I've spent too much money on lattes, and decided it was time to start making my own again.

really, I'm sorry...

I remember a friend telling me that Bed Bath and Beyond replaced her Keurig when it malfunctioned...she'd had it for a while and no receipt, box, etc.  I figured it was worth a try since at this point it was only taking up space.  I took it up and explained what was going on, they looked up my model number and saw that it was within the warranty period, and replaced it with a new one!!

I never get this lucky.  I'm always coming up a little short in these situations.

So, our first money-saving effort has been put into place without having to spend money on a new coffee maker.  Now I just have to figure out to to successfully de-scale this thing when the time comes.

Next up:  More cooking at home.  This is something the husband is heading up.  We're sitting down for our first planning meeting this week.  You know you love the total commitment here.  I'll keep you posted...


KatiePerk said...

Total score on the coffee pot. That is not usually my luck either!

Hannah @ The New Black said...

That is awesome you got a new one! We keep talking about cooking at home more, but it never seems to last. I'm interested to see how you two do...maybe I can pick up a few pointers. ☺

McMel said...

that's good to hear about the coffee pot!!

we have been cooking at home more too, esp now that we have a beebs. it's pretty easy. when i make my grocery list i go through and plan my meals (i'm a huge cookbook cooker). i go through my cookbooks when i get them and make a list of all the things that sound good with a check box and corresponding page #. then when it's time to make my meals, i go thru that list- if i'm wanting chicken- i just have to go to the chicken recipes i selected. then i add to my list the things from the recipe that i don't have.

i probably made that sound waaaayy more complicated than it actually is

Kim said...

First of all, I had to all scroll through the comments on the other posts to see the one you reference. I have determined (and this is a legal determination based on the fact that I have a license to practice law) that this person is an asshole. Plain and simple.

Furthermore, good for you for trying to save money.

Your descaling project with your coffeemaker sounds like an issue we're having at work with our water cooler. The water has this funny aftertaste but nothing is registering on the sediment reader. It's been thoroughly cleaned TWICE. still tastes like ass. and i know my boss won't buy a new one. he doesn't notice the taste because he puts a ton of lemon juice in his water.

and now i'll step off my soapbox and hand you back your blog...