Thursday, May 12, 2011


My co-worker has recently turned me on to Podcasts.  I've had an iPod for a million years, and I've yet to download my first podcast.  Truthfully, I had no clue what they were and didn't care.

There is a WORLD of knowledge in this podcast thing...for instance, some of my recent downloads...

Does your dog really love you?..well, if you're a dog lover and have dogs and treat them like they are humans, you might not want to listen to this podcast.  It's 40 minutes of two people, who sound like they are pretty indifferent to all animals, talking about how dogs really don't understand love.  So, you're telling me when Marley-the-Beagle comes over and lays his head on my shoulder that he's not saying "Mommy, hold me please..I wuv you"?  Because he is.  He loves the shit out of me.

(that podcast can be found under Stuff You Should Know - Stuff To Blow Your Mind)

How Does Cremation Work?...uh..yeah, I don't know.  It's interesting?  Actually, it is very interesting because I've always wondered what they did with the bones.  Truly, the whole deal is pretty gross, and apparently, families have the option to come watch.  Didn't know that.  Won't be partaking in that when the time comes.

This podcast stuck with me so much that I dreamed last night that I was a courier who had to deliver a dead body.  It was terrifying.  

(this one found under Stuff You Should Know)

What's the Scoop on Lady Poop? speaks for itself.

(this is found under Stuff Mom Never Told You)

Some fun ones I haven't listened to yet, but sound amazing...All of these are found in Stuff You Should Know.

How Deja Vu Works
Do animals have a sixth sense?
Can you control your dreams?  Because if so, Alexander Skarsgard will star in mine every night.
How Body Dysmorphic Disorder works.
How do dogs perceive time?  aka can I leave them overnight without feeling guilty?
What is a hangover, really?  I think I've had enough of these to have an idea...
How food cravings work
How Tourette Syndrome works
What makes a serial killer?
How Traffic works
Why ticks suck
How Antiques work
Do you stay conscious after being decapitated?  just wondering.

Have you guys jumped on the podcast bandwagon?  I'm interested in hearing what some of your favorite ones are.  Do tell...


McMel said...

that's funny stuff. my husband listens to adam carolla & bill simmons as far as pod casts. i haven't listened to any though.

my grandfather actually owns his own "transporting" business- that is- he picks up bodies from hospitals, nursing homes, where ever and delivers them to funeral homes. of course, he's also the mayor of the town he lives in... a jack of all trades if you will.

Lauren said...

Hold. Where do I find the podcasts??? I want the scoop on lady poop