love this junk is a spin off of my last blog, kindredly

if you're just joining, you'll notice blogging is quite sporadic...or non-existent depending on the week.  Like, this week, I'm kind of in the mood to put stuff down, next week?  You never know. 

I'm not in the business of gaining followers, and if I were, then mama would be buying far fewer pairs of shoes....and bottles of wine...and that would be sad.  Howeverrrr..if you like what you read, I am driven by comments...and followers...and an all around loving feeling. 


fresh flowers, whynatte lattes, spin classes, bubble baths, good books, statement necklaces, puppies, cuddling, trips to 30A, outdoor concerts, cocktails


traffic, bullying, negativity, clutter, dishes in the sink, excessive texting, folding clothes